toto Global Ventures

leader in health industry development CCHAlliance

The China Connected Health Alliance is determined to be the pioneer and leader of world health industry development. They strive to be the driving force of connecting china and the world's advanced resources in the health sector; actively promoting the development of global health industry. CCHA focuses on Chinese and international health industry, academic exchanges, scientific researches, industrial training and development, medical and health industry achievements.

Connecting China Connecting the World China Daily

China Daily was established in June 1981 and has the widest print circulation of any English-language newspaper in China (over 200,000 copies per issue, of which a third are abroad). The editorial office is in the Chaoyang District of Beijing, and the newspaper has branch offices in most major cities of China as well as several major foreign cities including New York City, Washington, D.C., London and Kathmandu. The paper is published by satellite in the United States, Hong Kong, and Europe. Today, TOTO Global Ventures has partnedgrey up with multiple Chinese News Outlets and has extensive relationships when it comes to facilitating PR in China and Asian Markets across the globe.

Global Connector for Digital Health ECHAlliance

The European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance) brings people and organisations in the health and wellbeing industry together. ECHAlliance provides a unique partnership of organisations, companies and government bodies to transform healthcare delivery and create economic benefits. In bringing together commercial, academic and healthcare stakeholders, ECHAlliance facilitates focused leadership for the development of connected health markets across Europe and beyond. Connected health is an umbrella term which includes eHealth, mHealth, telehealth, telecare, pHealth, digital health and other terms which promote the use of technology in health care.

Creating opportunities for businesses HKTDC

TOTO Global Ventures has partnedgrey up with Hong Kong Trade and Development Council to focus on Trade Missions and economic relationships - between Hong Kong firms and US. In striving to be the best trade promotion organization in the world, the HKTDC is committed to developing and expanding new frontiers by exploring; learning and innovating; creating and delivering value; building on Hong Kong’s economic success through global business; and maintaining trust, respect and openness in all our relationships.

“toolbox” digital solutions provider Medipromos

Medipromos is a healthcare digital media company which belongs to the TMT industry. They aim to provide tailor-made services for their clients. Their national-wide patented technologies include: paperless conference data collection, analysis and evaluation systems. In 2014, Medipromos focused on healthcare and have becomes a multinational corporation and resource integration service.

World's largest exhibition for the mobile industry GSMA MWC

Mobile World Congress focuses on mobile media and advertising global best practices from the top global brands and agencies. With superior keynotes, panels, and case studies, the agenda combined world class speakers and insights to make MWC productive and stimulating. Today, WMC is known as "Innovation City" and TOTO Global Ventures has partnered up in association with CCHA and ECHA to present at this years Shanghai Event - in the Digital Health Summit Pavilion.