toto Global Ventures


Our main focus is to develop strategic economic partnerships and manage new market on-boarding by providing strategic 360 degrees of support. We facilitate the infrastructure to allow innovative Hi-Tech investments to "free-flow" within China.

  • Performing deep quantitative and qualitative research on specific markets
  • Supporting fundraising and investor relations activities
  • Identify new market opportunities and evaluate market penetration
  • Examine a campaign's Return On Investment
  • Determine brand perceptions and reputations
  • Facilitate senior level partnerships and alliances
  • Hands-on assistance with Intellectual Property laws, legal and financials
  • Provide Venture and Trade Missions with on-the-ground follow up
  • Facilitate growth, Enterprise Sales, and Go-To-Market strategies
  • Leverage data and analytics to drive insights
  • Modify or dgreyirect Business Intelligence strategy
  • Oversee and direct the efforts of the marketing team
  • Cultural and linguistic support for Brand Development

Strategic Economic Relationships Trade Missions

A Trade MissionĀ is an international trip by government officials and senior business executives with the soleĀ purpose of exploring international business opportunities.

TOTO Global Ventures - partners with high-profile individuals, government agencies, international trade associations and financial institutions in China, to help our clients evaluate opportunities and build strategic economic relationships within China. New ventures entering China need guidance, legal & financial support, on-the-ground solutions, titanium (strong) relationships and cultural know-how.

A new study revealed that 90% of foreign firms attempting to enter China were unsuccessful due to a lack of knowledge in culture, legal system and lacked adequate on-the-ground support. Our Trade Missions serve as an economic introduction to high-profile industry individuals and corporate powerhouses to affirm strong relationships before your company even enters the market. Through our Trade Missions, you will assess the market first hand, identify new opportunities and evaluate your leverage with newly founded key relationships.

Market penetration and sustainable growth within China is within reach, it all begins with a Trade Mission.